‘the power of melanin’ is showcased and documented in this powerful photography book

April 18, 2018
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Big shout outs to Oakland-raised, NYC-based photographer and documentarian Brittani Sensabaugh. And the release of her latest project, “The Power Of Melanin” book! A visually poetic photography book that documents and explores the Black American experience to the micro-level, highlighting everything from black hairstyles to the storefronts of the community, the food that we eat, and the landscapes around us.

“The Power of Melanin” book is a soft continuation of the amazing work Sensabaugh has been doing over the past couple of years, like her project, *222Forgottencities*. Traveling across the country, cataloguing a diversity of black experiences while highlighting the things that we share as part of the diaspora.
The book is available here.

Images via @brittsense on Instagram