starbucks employees don’t need “training”, they need to stop being racist assholes

April 19, 2018
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In lieu of issuing yet another apology, Starbucks is taking a day of racism training next month. And while that sounds good, it’s pretty much a way to appease disgruntled costumers who happen not to like racism and have a problem with the ways in which Starbucks treats certain customers.

In addition to being a PR stunt, what in the hell does Starbucks plan on teaching its employees? That black people are human and 99% of us have no interested in causing a scene at a coffee shop? Is this humanity training? Or is this an attempt to unlearn racism? If so, they’re gonna need a lot more classes than just this one.

If this is really Starbuck’s attempt at addressing a systemic problem (which is anti-blackness), it’s kind of ridiculous to insinuate that all will be cured with a 2-hour lecture.