premiere: alt.-pop singer estère breaks all the rules on her standout two-part album

April 25, 2018
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Pleased to premiere this next project by AFROPUNK Paris performer Estère and her two-part album, “My Design, On Others Lives”. An explosive, theatrical effort, the young singer/songwriter filled up 120 pages of note writing this breathtaking album. A glittering collection of unexpected and unidentifiable soundscapes that harken back to this DIY noise machine sound. Never one to stay put in one genre, I’d say it’s nearly impossible to categorize that epic project without selling it short. A little bit of Janet Jackson, hella soul doused in vintage electro-jazz, “My Design, On Others’ Lives” is a pop lovers dream.

“I think for me, this album represents freedom and growth,” Estère tells AFROPUNK. “There was nothing else giving me guidelines as to what I should or shouldn’t do. So yeah, I wrote songs about Whales, paying Rent, child Soldiers and Guilt. About prostitutes becoming presidents, kids obsessed with technology and my Grandmother. It’s weird, and juxtaposed and exactly what I want it to be, I’m proud of that.

I always say I want my writing and production development to be transparent – I don’t want to all of a sudden come out of nowhere, this perfect slick and shiny parcel. I learned a lot from just asking other people questions, and letting my ideas take flight. And the result is, ‘My Design, On Others’ Lives.’”

My Design, On Others’ Lives by Estère

Photo by Celso Zaqueu