Akua Naru

"Made It"




VIDEO PREMIERE: Artist/activist AKUA NARU celebrates black triumphs & joy with single ft. Eric Benét

April 17, 2018
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Enjoy this burst of fresh air courtesy of AKUA NARU and Eric Benét, with their brand new track “Made It”. A poetic narrative that shines brightly through warm harmonies and an energetic melody, singer, rapper, poet, social activist, AKUA NARU narrates perspectives of the black experiences through tongue-and-cheek lyricism that bursts with nostalgia, power, and struggle, but ultimately joy. The neo-soul single radiates with energy and triumph promoting a hopeful image of black love and humanity.

“The poet Kelly Elaine Navies wrote it best, “like the banjo, I was stolen from Africa–but the middle passage did not break my strings, nor did it destroy my song.” This song is for us, the living; we stay making it,” says Akua Naru.
Akua Naru’s upcoming album ‘The Blackest Joy’ will be out April 27. You can pre-order it here.

Photo by Katja Ruge