"Hit Girl"

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premiere: rock duo nova twins are girl power on steroids in their latest banger

April 26, 2018
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“YOUNG GIRLS! You can ROCK too!”

AFROPUNK Brooklyn performers NOVA TWINS are back with another new one ahead of their set this summer. This time with “Hit Girl: a slow creeper that starts off like dripping molasses before bursting into a high-energy, high octane in-your-face pro-chick anthem about empowerment and not backing down. Think girls can’t rock as hard as boys? Think again. Fusing strong lyricism with even strong roots in rock-n-roll, NOVA TWINS’ “Hit Girl” is a reminder to everyone: girls rock hard and yo better watch your ass if you get in our way.

“‘HIT GIRL’ is like going into a daydream and suddenly you’re some superhuman character, taking out all the villains in your life,” NOVA TWINS tell AFROPUNK. “For us, we wanted to kill people’s perception of what a rock act – and women in music – should look like/sound like! Women of colour still get pigeoned holed into genre specifics, like R&B or Hip Hop and although we are amazing at performing these genres, we also pioneered a lot of other things too.”

And inspire you do! Now, go ‘head and get your life and check out “Hit Girl”.

“Sister Rosetta Tharpe was kicking it out in the 30’s, she was the true queen of rock’n’roll – what happened to all the women representing that genre?! They get overlooked! We really wanted to break the mold and get our message across and maybe the next generation will be free to do as they please! We’re here to inspire tomorrow warriors!”

Photo by Sanaa Abstrakt