on kanye kardashian and how the need for white acceptance hinders black liberation

April 26, 2018
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Listen, Kanye West has been looking for white acceptance for a hot minute. The self-hating madness includes an obsession for light-skin and white women, and of course his love for Trump: “We are both dragon energy. He is my brother”, he tweeted. LMAO!

Hell, the man married into the ultimate culture vulture family and brought children into the world whose mom is Kim Kardashian. ‘Nuff said.
However, this isn’t just about Kanye West. For all we know, he could be mentally ill. He sure is incredibly narcissistic, which always denotes a very low self-esteem and need for approval.

The bigger problem is Black “elites” who often fall for assimilationism, putting class before race once they become successful.

Black liberals, corporate heads, Black capitalists, the list goes on and on. We have explored the viciousness of Black people in the Democratic Party’s establishment before.
Just this week, Rep. John Lewis praised French President Emmanuel Macron and hung out with him at a Martin Luther King Jr. memorial. Of course, Macron jumped on the PR opportunity. He’s the ultimate white liberal, similar to Hillary Clinton if you will, friend of big banks, condescending with POC, etc. He’s the opposite of what MLK stood for, like anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, fighting for the poor. With all due respect to Lewis, and with gratitude for the work he has done in his youth alongside MLK, this is bullsh*t. And so was his enthusiastic support of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primaries.
These “Black elites” are always willing to throw Black radical activists under the bus, but quick to capitalize on their work for marketing purposes. Very similar to what “white liberals” do when it comes to civil rights issues. (e.g. see Hillary Clinton’s attempts to seduce Black voters with the help of said Black elites, when we all know about her ‘super-predators’ remarks, the money she gets from the prison industry, and her support for her husband’s destructive ‘crime bill’ that destroyed countless Black families with the incarceration of Black men and women for non-violent first time drug offenses – aka ‘The New Jim Crow’).
All of this to say that we need to keep supporting Black radical activists, create spaces and platforms online and offline that promote Black radical thought and action, get involved in our communities, and do everything we can to counter racial capitalism.
Kanye is just a drop in the ocean.
– Words by Nounouche



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