graduation-themed photo series beautifully rewrites the narrative of brazilian educational system

April 6, 2018
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Social climate is reflected by the art that comes out of it:

And through the lens of Brazilian photographer Matheus Leite and his latest photo series “Graduation”, he succeeds in tackling a social issue at large, and highlights the progress and necessity of black academics and their educational careers.

With the series featuring the faces of an all-black graduating class, the history of Brazil’s educational disparity meets a change in narrative; showcasing an empowerment and solidarity in change to rewrite a generation. Though the country is infamous for its afro-descendant culture and vibrancy, when it comes to the education of all its citizens, Brazil has missed the mark- as a drastic correlation between class and academic access left hundreds by the wayside. Now, thanks to creatives and activists like Leite, and his dedication to “black empowerment culture “, a change is finally being reflected in the art of the masses.

With the photos themselves bursting with community and pride,the subjects beam with accomplishment as the projects stands as a foreshadowing and a template for a new path for black and brown Brazilians alike.

A clear definition of Art as Activism, check out some of Matheus Leite’s latest project “Graduation” below!