That Dog Don't Hunt

Soul Shakin'

Indie Rock | Alternative Soul

That Dog Don't Hunt


garage rock trio that dog don’t hunt brings some refreshingly raw fuzzed out hooks

April 2, 2018
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It’s time for your daily dose of lo-fi indie rock! That Dog Don’t Hunt is a Dallas band made up of siblings Laura Hale and Tommy Busby with drummer Patrick Cone. They serve up retro soul-inflected indie rock refreshingly free of the pop pretensions that often goes along with that these days. This is the real DIY shit. Anchored by tracks like “Soul Shakin’” and “Shot at the Title,” their Soul Shakin’ EP is loaded with fuzzed out hooks and garage soul riffs. Their new EP drops next month, and if the lead single “Tattooed Feather” is any indication, the band turns up the rawness. Don’t sleep on this.