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Dark Smith


Dreampunk band Dark Smith make alienation anthemic on their debut EP ‘Prehysteria’

April 11, 2018
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Don’t burn the witch
Burn the village down


I don’t know about you all, but I’m really feeling this new EP from Seattle based queer dreampunk band Dark Smith. Thick with heavy atmosphere, anthemic vocals and massive drums, it’s like goth without the pretension and doom without the posturing. In short: it’s fucking huge.

“Lie To Me” is rich with sludgy low end and noisy guitars encroaching on drummer Nozomi’s giant beats, while singer Danny Denial screams out some of their best lyrics on the EP. “Leave You Alone Forever” boats the band’s lone song to drop below the 5 minute mark, delivering the kind of dark pop punk that The Damned once perfected before folding in on themselves. The EP closes with “Witch Marks” and “Prehysteria,” two pieces of the same puzzle that get all witchy about alienation and burn the whole village to the ground. Keep an ear on Dark Smith.