Press photo by Justin Eisner via Powerline Agency

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Artist Cakes Da Killa chases bigot who called him “n*gger” & “f*ggot”

April 6, 2018
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Artist Cakes Da Killa had to chase a racist and homophobic white motherf*cker in these Iowa City streets.
Cakes, who is no stranger to pushing back against bigots, tells AFROPUNK:
“I was in the car park of my hotel talking to some friends and all of a sudden I hear “fucking nigger” so loud I thought it was on a sound system. Immediately I think I’m on something for Netflix so I’m like “huh? Who said that?”. Then the person says it again and then I get irate but I can’t see them so I start walking to the exit and I see him walking down the street (he’s a white male, 5’8, cap on def listens to more hip hop than me). Anyway, I start yelling at him, he calls me a faggot, I run up the stairs to get to him on the street cause I’m underground and he books it. Like track runner books it. What really made me mad was the fact that when I reached the top of the stairs he turned around and said, “You’re not about to catch me.” Soooooo gym membership in full effect.”
Sending love and support to Cakes Da Killa.
Watch what happened below: