afrofuturism meets naturalism in a thought-provoking brazilian photo series

April 9, 2018
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Inspired by the DIY aesthetics of Afrofuturism and the escapist fantasy of the genre, the ‘AFRO FUTURISMO’ photo series Brazilian creative collective WORLDGEOMETRIC and shot by photographers Mariah Luiza and Deivison Souza is a play on the genre that fuses nature with sci-fi and heritage. Wearing pieces by Yann Yimo and Teddy Tchogniou and directed by Micheli Carolina and Débora Carol, Brazilian models Mayara, Suelen Matos, and Juliana Souza channel the regality of African heritage as people of the diaspora, donning beaded crowns, Bantu knots, and painted faces and our connection to the land and landscape of the continent as its indigenous people.

With this massive and breathtaking project, these creatives aim to open minds and ask questions of the status quo from a perspective they may have never considered.”Even though afrofuturism has been a concept for a long time, it’s newer to many black Brazilians, this project is just the beginning of our search for something bigger [philosophically]”.

Art Direction: Micheli Carolina / Débora Carol
Models: Mayara / Suelen Matos / Juliana Souza
Photography: Mariah Luiza / Deivison Souza
Make up: Marina Costa and Sabrina Hoenig
Making of: Nathalia Andrade
Accessories: World Geometric
Hair: Debora Carol
Thanks – Designers: Yann Yimo and Teddy Tchogniou
Inspired by the art of Sara Golish