video premiere: rocker amanda brown offers message of hope to black and queer fans

March 28, 2018
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Amanda Brown’s “Believers” is a heartfelt self-love and acceptance anthem dedicated to all people of color and transgender listens who are oppressed by violence solely because of who they are. Inspired by two of her friends and set to an in-your-voice hard rock melody, Brown beautifully and poignantly addresses a society where transfolx are subjected to scary-high mortality rates from both homicides and suicide.

“‘Believers’ is a song I wrote with my friends Colin Smith and Greg Tannen. I wanted to express my frustration with what was happening around me socially and economically. In addition, I wanted to push myself to be more courageous and to believe in the power of community and protest. While we were working on the album, my producer and I decided to add a children’s ensemble to the recording of “Believers”. There are so many young individuals that inspire me daily to be stronger and braver. This song is for everyone but it’s especially for them.”

Dope music with an even doper message!

Photo by Shervin Lainez