posters replacing white actors with black actors stun londoners!

March 5, 2018
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Folks walking around Brixton, south London were surely stunned to notice an unusual campaign had replaced the film and tv posters they were used to see around bus stops. Created by four young, local activists, known as Legally Black, the campaign replaces white stars with black actors on well-known film posters. The goal? “To combat the way black people are portrayed in the media.” While the four activists behind the head-turning campaign, Liv Francis-Cornibert, Shiden Tekle, Bel Matos da Costa, and Kofi Asante, express their joy in progress seen in representational and inclusive media in America, that sort of change has been slow to come in the UK.

“At the moment I’m in love with Black Panther,” says Francis-Cornibert. “It’s phenomenal, but I feel like a lot of the time when we say things like ‘Oscars so white’ it’s focussed on America and American media. We basically want better representation of black people in media,” she said about the project. “It’s tackling issues such as underrepresentation first of all, but also misrepresentation.”

All of these fictional projects look awesome, but I’m trying to see an all-black SKINS!