police are still killing us, it’s just not getting attention anymore

March 13, 2018
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If, like me, you’ve asked yourself “Hmm, what’s going with the Black Lives Matter movement right now?” You’re not off-base for noticing the change in tone, vigor, and visibility of BLM-related activists in the Era of Trump. And while the movement is quietly healing, regrouping, and evolving it’s not letting itself be drowned by the last gasp of White America during their #MAGA frenzy.

Which is where the coverage of police brutality has itself been engulfed by. So much so that not even some of the most graphic abuses of power, like the violent arrests of an unarmed Edward Minguela in New Jersey or Johnnie Jermaine Rush in Asheville, N.C. have gone viral.

Even though so much of the public attention has been diverted to things like the Russia Investigation, Charlottesville, and our regularly scheduled public shootings, several outlets like The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, the Los Angeles Times, and the Miami Herald have continued to document police brutality and deep investigations into law enforcement corruption and misconduct. So, there’s that.

How are you coping with Trump Era and what are you doing to recharge and heal?