Danii Roundtree


Jazz & Blues | R&B

CarMichael Music Group


navigate the madness of love & heartbreak with retro-soul singer danii roundtree’s ‘memoirs’

March 22, 2018
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Brookyn may be snow-bound (again), but down in Atlanta, Danii Roundtree’s making her own heat. The throwback singer’s latest record Memoirs is full of the kind of jazz and blues numbers that immediately turn any room into a smoke filled speakeasy. The record tells the story of a romance gone bad, starting with the seduction and ending with the broken heart. Roundtree and her band tend to be at their best in ballad mode, like the longing “Magic” and the standout heartbroken anthem “Dys – Funk – Shu – Null.” The bouncy and infectious “Crave” meanwhile finds the right balance between the modern and vintage for a cut that’s impossible not to love.

Banner photo by @wreckless.etc