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nakhané: “i was convinced i would be able to ‘heal’ my homosexuality”

March 16, 2018
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South African polymath Nakhané’s newest album You Will Not Die is a soaring, multi-faceted collection of alt.-pop. An emotionally charged and highly personal body of work, the collection of songs documents the pain, joy, beauty, hope and confusion Nakhané has experienced in recent years, especially as it pertains to his relationship with his sexuality and what it means to be a gay man from Port Elizabeth, S.A.
“When I was Christian and prayed to God every day, I had only hatred for myself,” Nakhane says. “Every day of my life, I was doing all I possibly could to be like everyone else, to be heterosexual. I was even convinced I would be able to ‘heal’ my homosexuality. I was living in constant fear; controlling myself at all times.”