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training the next generation of african film & tv directors – the african series summit

March 7, 2018

“Together, let’s invest in the future and talent of the creators of African series.”

Série Ouagadougou is a pan-African film festival and cinema series for creators and storytellers, hosted in the aforementioned Burkina Faso city. Much more than a traditional screening festival, Série Ouagadougou is a well-rounded event that features workshops and case studies for future storytellers to learn from, in person and remotely online. This year’s series is focused entirely on tv series and the creatives who make them.

Over a three day period, African audiovisual professionals who have worked across the continent and Europe will offer masterclasses and workshops for others looking to break into and grow into the business.

The non-competitive event is shaping up to be a fantastic event and you can learn more about the excellent workshops and lectures on the itinerary, here. And if your interested in learning how you can help sustain this festival and programs like it, check out its Kickstarter, too.