brazilian hardcore group black pantera is back and louder than ever with release of latest album ‘agressão’

March 30, 2018
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This is TRULY the year of the Black Panther, OK?!?!

Get ready to put all your senses to work as your favorite Brazilian rockers Black Pantera- formerly Project Black Pantera– explode back onto the scene with the release of their latest project ‘Agressão’.

The 11-track ode to aggression is the complete package as the AP Paris alums roar through each track with a cadenced musicality; surpassing the bounds of language, and throttling listeners with each shift in tone and electronic riff, so no matter what’s being said… the message is loud and clear. With some tracks paying homage to heavy metal formula, and others incorporating innovative renditions of an old template- they make the artform itself their own- playing with rhythm, pace, and vocal texture, painting a musical picture worth a thousand screams.

By the end of ‘Agressão’ you’re as exhausted as you are tingling with anticipation, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store as we rev up for their performance at this upcoming Brooklyn Fest.

Make sure to get your tickets here, and check out Black Pantera’s latest ‘Agressão’ below!