this biting comic series dives into black anxieties, intersectionality, and self-love

March 5, 2018
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The Section is a series of biting comics that highlight, call out, and dispel limiting stereotypes and projected archetypes of what Blackness is and isn’t. Created by artist/cartoonist Lawrence Lindell, the series is also a blunt call for intersectionality and respect for black identities that differ from yours, like the black trans and queer communities. The Section dives into black anxieties, love, and beyond through the eyes of four awkward black people navigating their own intersections and place in the world.

“I started writing and drawing The Section as a response to the intersections of being black and how often times if we do not fit into this ideal way of being black, we seem to loose our “black card”,” says Lindell. “I have noticed amongst my people we are for black liberation and black love, but only if we fit within the perimeters of “Blackness”, which is a contradiction because blackness is fluid and multifaceted. We don’t highlight the other black voices. I heard a brotha say, I don’t like the gays pushing their agenda on black people. I just thought, but what about all the queer folks who are also black? What about all the queer folks throughout history who have died fought and been there for black folks just as much as any other black person throughout history? What about all the Afro-Latinx Folks, The mixed kids(who are still black) being forced to identify with one side over the other as if they cant be black and other. When are we gonna see its all of us of none? So I started making this comic, which is an extension of the work I already create.”

The series will run on Monday through Friday with new installments on Instagram. Preview The Section, below!