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‘the afrocentric pin-up girl’ breaks the mold, gives a vintage flare to black self-love

March 9, 2018
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Self-love has never been clearer in this latest photo-series from bold creative Tanisha Lynn Pyron: ‘The Afrocentric Pin-Up Girl’.

With the title of the project speaking for itself, viewers everywhere are granted a look into the expressions of an unapologetic Black Queen. Using her body as a canvas, Pyron works to dictate her own definition of beauty as she turns a stylized flaunting of self-appreciation into art.

“It’s subversive black girl art from a sister always called sexy but never told she was beautiful. I’m darker than a paper bag and thicker then a snicker, nappy headed and black and proud. The Pin-Up Girl is me saying to the world… ALL that I am is beautiful… forget a Monroe hang a Tanisha or Tamika on ya wall!”, Tanisha Lynn Pyron told AFROPUNK.

Providing a perfect platform for self-reflection, ‘The Afrocentric Pin-Up Girl” opens up yet another space for the beauty of the Black female form– where representation is not widely given.Combining “bits of Africanism [with] Black Americana and vintage glamour”,this unapologetic ode to self approaches self-photography as self-elevation for a truly unique photographic experience.

All in all: this mutifaceted creative knows her worth and is making sure we all do too! Check out some of Tanisha Lynn Pyron‘s ongoing photo series ‘The Afrocentric Pin-Up Girl’ below.