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our ‘yungluv’ playlist is catching all the feels for all the times

February 16, 2018
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Valentine’s Day is over… but ValenTIMES can last forever– if you let them. The fact that we have a entire 24 hours dedicated to unconditional love is nice and calm and all that, but at the end of the day, expressions of love don’t have to stop when society stops caring.

‘Love’ as a term has been dissected and unraveled and redundantly hypothesized since the moment it was labeled, but the truth is, love is relative and malleable; shapeshifting and deepening as we age. No one is an expert. And there’s no one way to express it. When it comes to young black love in America, there seems to be two mass movements: one to radicalize it, and one to disrespect it. It has to be said, because it’s true. A whole culture has been crafted around desensitizing black relationships and devaluing the core concepts of a healthy exchange of energy- because that’s all love really is. It’s is complicated– and when you’re young and figuring out yourself, it adds a whole nother layer figuring someone else out at the same time.

Looking at the media and our chosen forms of entertainment, it’s important to recognize the beauty and tenderness of young relationships– and even more important to support the black art that reflects it.

Our latest ‘YUNGLUV’ playlist is a collection of tracks dedicated to EVERY type of love: from self-love to puppy-love and all the feels in between. Hearing it from the mouths and perspectives of the actual ones lovin’, these tracks will help keep you loving long after the hype dies down, check it out ‘YUNGLUV’ below!