white people don’t get to talk about “illegal immigrants” when they’ve colonized the whole damn world

February 7, 2018
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It’s weird. When it comes to immigration, white people—known historically for colonizing land that wasn’t theirs—feel the need to define “legal” and “illegal” immigration now that they’ve chosen where to live. Now, with the immigration conversation focused on non-white communities, communities fleeing terror, and communities in search of new opportunities, white folks are ready to draw some lines.

And, what’s so curious about that to me, is that the lines white Americans want to draw around immigration sure has a lot to do with what they consider to be “legal” or not. See, it was legal when white immigration included genocide. But it’s illegal when a South American family is looking for economic security. And if it’s not illegal altogether now, White Americans and their President, sure seem hellbent on making it so.