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folks are stepping out for the long-awaited premiere of marvel’s ‘black panther’

February 16, 2018
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And the viewing public has OBVIOUSLY  been planning exactly how they were gonna pop out for this historic event.

From costumes to snatched fits, the “Black Panther” release has done way more than expand representation, it’s given us another much needed platform to shine. Crowds of beautiful black audiences flocked in their best dressed to theaters across the globe, and to be honest… not on something corny… but the real super heros were the ones fly enough to do the most. As they should.

Social media is screaming and so am I– and as communities made the felt rugs and cushioned seats their runways, the whole world was able to see just how fierce, powerful, fashionable, and JOYOUS black folk can be :-0

Check out some of our favorite looks and pop-outs below!