black is undeniably beautiful in this afro-brazilian photographer’s garden of eden

February 1, 2018
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Beautiful black men in a picturesque forest, like a garden filled with Adams. Their skin glowing in the rays of light that find their way past layers and layers of lily pad-shaped leaves. Ethereal, serene, and almost spiritual, feast your eyes on Brazilian photographer Thiago Borba’s ‘Black Is Beautiful’ #BLVCKSBTFLL series. A visual ode to my blackness and yours, this peaceful photo series highlights the beautiful diversity of black men and how that beauty is mirrored in nature.

Models: Reynaldo Machado, Jean Woolmay Denson Pierre, Vanderlei Nagô, Akin Cavalcante, Rafa Lima, Drayson Menezzes
Retoucher: Egea Neto