black lives matter cofounder: therapy should be part of reparations

February 5, 2018
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In a recent interview with VICE to promote her riveting first memoir, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors brought up the now more controversial proposal that America (and the white people who run it) owe Black Americans reparations and that such a package must include access to quality therapy. “[…]if we are really going to have this honest conversation on how and what this country owes black people, I feel very strongly that every black person should receive a therapist as part of any reparations package,” Khan-Cullors told VICE.

Even now in 2018, Black Americans living below the poverty level are three times more likely to suffer psychological distress than other ethnic groups in poverty, while having less if any access to therapy. Similarly, Black Americans, in general, are 20 perfect more likely to experience serious mental health problems than the population at large. Reparations in the form of healing the Black community would be an amazing place to start.

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