‘the black frida’ photo series sheds a stunning new light on the young african female

February 2, 2018
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Nobody likes being put in a box; whether physically or figuratively, ones identity should have the freedom to shape-shift and grow in whichever way it wants.

For Motswana creative Rorisang Ludo Ndlovu, the experience of the Young African woman is one worthy of all this and more- and through her most recent project ‘The Black Frida’ she steadily and successfully works to reshape and redefine a cultural experience in itself. We ALL know black women are beautiful and worthwhile (:-*), but it’s rarely taken into account the many layers of identity we actually posses. Through Ndlovu’s photography, fashion, design, and bold conceptual artistry- the 22 year old “artepreneur” flips the script, adding pages to an ever-changing script  of African aesthetic.

 By comparing her experience to that of a stoic Frida Kahlo she in a sense pedestrianizes the artist’s experience- making it malleable and accessible to all. Notorious for its hardships as much as its glories, Kahlo’s work stands as a amplifier for her identity and a backdrop for a movement. By translating her work through her own lens, Ndlovu does more than pay homage, she expands a platform for representation and connection for young African women and observers a like.

An important, enticing, and beautiful project, check out some of Rorisang Ludo Ndlovu’s ‘The Black Frida’ below!