trump is racist, water is wet – we didn’t need his latest outburst to know that

January 12, 2018
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Might as well keep milking the dead horse, isn’t that the saying? If that doesn’t make sense, neither does the news media’s insistence on shock headlines every time America’s racist ass President says something racist. Maybe if they had have held him accountable early on (and held every other racist running this country accountable), then maybe we wouldn’t be here. It’s too late to speculate on that, though.

The latest example of this comes with reports of Trump questioning why the U.S. admits people from “shithole countries” or “shitholes,” referring to nations like Haiti and those within the African continent. Push-back was swift and international, with many Democratic lawmakers calling his comments “vile” and racist, CNN pundit Don Lemon hilariously trying to make up for his own anti-Blackness during the Ferguson coverage, and even some Republicans further distancing themselves from the president.

That’s all cute, but lest we forget the president ran on a platform of calling Mexicans rapists, Muslims terrorists, and defending white supremacy (what to speak of his bold championing of sexual assault). Already, he has been acting on his disdain for people from “shitholes,” revoking the legal status of over 50,000 protect Haitian immigrants and 200,000 protected Salvadorans.

In typical Trump fashion, the president denied his statements, although lawmakers present insisted they were said. Likely, the media will turn this into a he-said-she-said, while his disgusting policies continue harming the people in question.

But you can action by supporting The Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti or the Haiti Advocacy Working Group.


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