Zion Rodman

Did Not Wake Up Today

Alternative Rock

Zion Rodman


Take on America’s racist legacy in the massive new single by alt rock singer Zion Rodman, “Did Not Wake Up Today”

January 5, 2018
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Like a lot of us, the election of a certain crypto-fascist has really fucked up Zion Rodman’s sleep schedule. He reportedly wrote “Did Not Wake Up Today” late at night after the election, thinking about the shattered illusion of “post-racial” society. The song draws on memories of his mother growing up in Jim Crow Alabama, with Rodman expressing rage and frustration that America’s racism never really left. It’s been always been simmering, until it exploded into the White House in a seething foam of white mediocrity. Rodman turns up the volume on his melodic indie pop, with his stunning voice just barely masking his anger beneath the hook. “Did not wake up today, I got no sleep last night  / I was genuinely afraid but kept it all inside.”

The full EP is available January 20th, but you can pre-order it and get the title track now via Bandcamp.