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The ‘Get Out’-inspired college course on the Sunken Place is now available online!

January 30, 2018
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Last year, we reported how My Soul To Keep filmmaker and professor Tananarive Due, who for several years has taught a course on Afrofuturism at UCLA, launched a course called ‘The Sunken Place: Racism, Survival, and Black Horror Aesthetic.’ A self-described “horror head”, Due said Jordan Peele’s Get Out prompted even greater interest in exploring the black horror films as the cannon is expanding in real time.

After overwhelming interest in the course, now you can experience a web seminar on the same subject, offered by Prof. Tananarive Due and her husband, author Steven Barnes. “The highest number I’ve ever had in [my] Afrofuturism [class] was about 30. And that was a lot of students,” Due told Gizmodo. “I had 60 in my first quarter for Sunken Place, and I have 60 again. They’ve given us a bigger room, in fact.”

Even still, there is more interest in the class than what Due can possibly manage, and so the idea for the seminar was born. “I hope that through that better intellectual understanding of the material, it will help artists open up their imaginations about how they can take their truth—like Jordan Peele took his truth—and create art with social impact,” Due said.

Find out how to register for the “The Sunken Place” web seminar here!