Funk meets glamor and lots and lots of hair in stunning new editorial by Brazilian art collective

January 30, 2018
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The Kolor Art Collective is a São Paulo-based group of artists who aren’t afraid to shake shit up. Their latest photo series is a funkadelic, color-popping wonderland featuring all Black models. Shot by French photographer Pol Kurucz, “Hair Stories” show a quirky side to afro-centricism, somehow making each outlandish hair look more stunning than the next. To bring it all together, models are highlighted by vibrant colors and makeup that brings out the shine in their melanin.

Take a look at the series below!

Wig Design: @wellfontinele

Wig Prod. Coordinator: @emiliy.garcia123
Photo and Art. Dir.: @polkurucz
Retouch.: @touchwork_
Styling: @sereiadomato
Beauty: @fernandissimo
Model: @annaluiah
Coordination: @sereiadomato
Production: @sereiadomato, @falsiany_, @marycruzis, @monikos1, @yohannah._ , @clauspinheiro
Tech./Light.: @guigriebler, @josue_mocap