eye-popping brazilian fashion editorial celebrates the joy of carnival

January 23, 2018
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Alexandro Adds is a Rio de Janeiro native whose work seeks to highlight “the voice of the people.” Adds’ latest project is a fashion editorial celebrating Carnival, an annual festival marking the beginning of Lent. Heavily influenced by Afro-Brazilian culture, Carnival is famous for it’s elaborate costumes and samba rituals, and also for the way it seems to bring the whole region joy.

Adds’ project is bursting with color, and features exuberant models, dancing or otherwise having the time of their lives, transporting you right into the heart of the near week-long festivities. “This is the melody of a happy Brazil,” Adds explains.

Check out the editorial below!

Fotografia Alexandro Adds (@alexandroadds)
Styling: Gabriel Alves (@alvesbiel) e Matheus marques (@mnevesmarques)
Produção de moda: Bianca Barroso (@bibbi_longstocking) e Wellington himotto
Beleza Miss Emanuelle (@missemanuelle)
Modelos: Jessica Mara (@jess_maraoficial), Juliana nalú (@naluando) agencia mix models (@mixmodelsagency),
mayra sallie (@mayrasallie) agência squad brazil (@squadbrazil) e Vitor Castro (@vitorcastrovdg) Agência 40°(40grausmodels)