St. Beauty

Running to the Sun

R&B | alternative pop

The Wondaland Arts Society


bold sounds and indelible hooks overflow on st. beauty’s debut ep ‘running to the sun’

January 24, 2018

You don’t listen to St. Beauty, you immerse yourself. Alex Belle and Isis Valentino’s lush soundscapes and ear-melting melodies drape you in sounds of heartbreak, resilience, and a refusal to let  the bullshit of the world drag them down to its depths. “Can’t nobody tell me who I’m gonna be / I’m breaking free / Show love like my momma told me” they sing on the highlight “Colors.” Their debut EP is overflowing with bold sounds and indelible hooks. Songs like “Stone Mountain” showcase their unique talent for music that you can just dissolve into with insightful and introspective lyrics. “Lately I’ve been too hard on myself / blaming my problems on somebody else” they sing in a moment of honesty. It’s fitting that their last track is called “Lucid.” The whole album has the feel of a lucid dream, the washed out sound-scapes blurring everything before evaporating in moments of emotional clarity.

The EP is out now and streaming via Soundcloud.