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women’s health and abuse survivors take center stage in new photo project by jamaican photographer

December 29, 2017

Jik-Reuben is a Kingston, Jamaica-based photographer/videographer and self-described “Visual Ninja.” He began capturing subjects in 2014 in order to center the voices and stories of Black women in Jamaica and challenge the overrarching narratives that sent them the message that they are not enough.

His latest project is divided into two parts, focusing on women’s health in the face of gendered violence, and femininity. The first part features model Davianne Tucker covered in purple glitter, some of it scattered like bruising, representing women who have been sexually abused or who deal with mental abuse, self doubt and/or lack of self love. The second features the same woman in front of a blue background, giving a much more joyous energy. It brings awareness to Endometriosis, Fibroids and Dysmenorrhea, dealing with the PMS and the pains people with uteri endure monthly.

Check them out below!