watch rock & roll as black and gritty as you’ve ever seen it with atlanta band conkrete god’s live performances

December 4, 2017
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Formed early this year, Atlanta-based ConKrete God has already been making waves on the rock scene for their bold and powerful approach to their music and genre. Naming Van Halen, 24-7 Spyz and Mothers Finest as their musical influences, the band forges a distinctive sound from across the rock spectrum, and performs it with so much energy you can’t look away.

Following the dissolution of their previous band, members Kewl, Auslander and L.T. stayed together to form what they call a “balls-to-the-walls rock band.” Upon coming across their now-lead singer Denitra (Buu’Ti Haus), they immediately knew she was exactly who they needed to make it all work out. They later brought onboard drummer Lindsey LeCoda, and together they make music with as powerful a message as it has an undeniable sound.

Check out footage from some of their live performances below!

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