‘therapy for black girls’ online platform connects black women with black therapists

December 18, 2017
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As a Black bisexual woman with a cocktail of learning disabilities and mental illness disorders, I can say first-hand it’s hard AF to find a quality therapist who I can trust, who understands my diasporic perspective, respects my sexual agency judgment-free, and recognizes the interconnectedness of all these components of who I am without issuing a new diagnoses every week. Therapy for Black Girls is one such platform that aims to provide healing and wellness advice and resources for Black girls and women, specifically.

Created by Atlanta-based licensed Psychologist Dr. Joy, who specializes in break up and divorce recovery, depression, work-life balance, relationship skills, and self-esteem, Therapy for Black Girls can link you directly to founder Dr. Joy, but she is just one of several psychologists the platform can connect you with. Once you sign up (it’s free) you can begin your search for a Black woman therapist suited for you. Amazing.