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thanking black women is “cute”, showing up for them is better…

December 14, 2017
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You probably owe Black women a whole lot.

From poaching our techniques as activists to being the first line of defense against deviants and racist pigs in the polling booth, Black women are constantly serving ourselves, our communities, and society at large for the better. Not just when White Twitter remembers to thank us for our political resistance, or when the #MeToo movement gets appropriated from the Black woman who created it for other WoC.

It sure would be swell if society could honor, respect, and support Black women before we have to save ourselves and y’all, too.

Listen to us the first time: We told y’all about Trump. We told y’all about these sex abusers. We told y’all about these police shooting folks for no good goddamn reason. Don’t wait for Black women to “told you so”, listen up when we speak out, we got some shit to say. Create space for us to do so. Space that doesn’t center you or how “totally not racist” you are.

Second, stop expecting Black women to clean up your mess. It’s effing racist. We’re not your help. And when White people, say, bomb an election and vote in a sociopath, maybe don’t call Michelle Obama, for example, to come and take out your trash.

And so even though Black women voters in Alabama really showed up and showed out to save y’all from electing an accused child molester, it needs to be said—don’t get too comfortable, White folks. And at the very least, stop taking us for granted.