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textured hair portrait series explores black womanhood, identity, and diversity

December 20, 2017
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“The women behind the curls all have a story to tell”

The Curl Talk Project is the ongoing, representational project created by Johanna Yaovi to highlight the magnificent diversity of curly haired-ness. From spiral curls to ringlets, kinks that zig and zag, new naturals to always naturals. Through this eclectic series of portraiture, each woman featured gets opens up and gets real about her relationship with her hair. Each of their stories touches on vulnerabilities and deeper themes of feminism, culture, and Black womanhood.

To read each of their stories, view The Curl Talk Project, here.

“We are not born hating our natural hair. It’s ingrained in us from a very young age and our parents might not have realised that the way they treated our hair could impact us as adult women.”
Esther, UK

“Hair and identity are interdependent, but even in 2017, people still struggle to get it.”

Ada, France

“People are fascinated by us, they are intrigued by the fact that our hair can be twisted, braided but also straightened.
We are incredible creatures and we need to use what’s in ourselves to build and create instead of waiting for validation.”

Samantha, UK

“Within this natural hair movement we are breaking up with society’s rules and challenging beauty standards”

Leskie, UK


“Hair is more than just hair, it’s part of you and it’s a clear indication of your heritage and culture. If you don’t accept it, you don’t accept these parts of you.”

Christelle, Switzerland