tall n curly blog promotes self-love for people who are told they are unworthy

December 15, 2017
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Like many biracial children, Cheyan Lefebvre grew up in a household where her mother didn’t know what to do with her kinky hair. Frustrated, her mother ended up cutting it all off when she was 9, part of a series of events that led her to believe something was wrong with her big curly hair.

After years of damaging relaxers, Lefebvre stopped to save her now unhealthy hair, and instead began on a journey to love her body for what it was. Those efforts led to the Tall N Curly blog, which Lefebvre describes as a “blog for these days when, if there was a vaccine for inches or curls, I would run to get an injection.”

Tall N Curly features comics, art, and products promoting hair-love. It also tackles other beauty topics, music, health, and general life experiences. Check out some of our favorite images from the site below, and go explore it further for yourself!