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stunning photo series “the red project” symbolizes the strength of black women

December 11, 2017
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Red, the color of fire and blood, is often associated with energy, strength, power, passion, desire and love. Though these are traits the world consistently attempts to deny Black women, it describes them best, according to photographer Joyanne Panton. Though they too deserve moments to lay down their guards, Black women have withstood the worlds greatest atrocities and created its most magnificent wonders. Together with a group of other female creatives, Panton created a photo series around the color to pay homage to these women, and it is no less stunning than the #BlackGirlMagic it attempts to capture.

“[‘The Red Project’ represents] Daring to be bold and take action,” Panton explans. “Feminine power that is not afraid to be seen as strong and assertive.”

Check out some of the beautiful images below!

Makeup: @stephaniefaiirah | Model: @malory.n​