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why do so many men accused of sexual assault have “a different recollection” of what happened? smh

December 1, 2017
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There’s a curious thing that happens when a public male figure has to come forward and semi-admit/vaguely apologize for abusing, harassing, and out-right assaulting women in the workplace and elsewhere. That none of them seem to remember the real details of the interaction in question. From Sen. Al Franken to Matt Lauer to Russell Simmons, mean who abuse power systematically and demonstrate a clear pattern of entitlement to sex from any woman around them. Like with AG Jeff Sessions’ Swiss cheese memory, full of holes, these majorly successful, astute men seem utterly flummoxed that their past interactions haven’t been consensual.

Here’s a theory: the forgetfulness is indicative of the ambivalence they felt about committing their crimes and misconduct. What do you think?