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if making a wedding cake means you support gay marriage then campaigning for a child molester means what?

December 7, 2017
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The Religious Right in this country wants to have it both ways.

They want to tell you that it’s okay to discriminate against serving certain types of customers based on your “religious beliefs”. If you’re against gay marriage, you don’t have to service gay people. If you’re racist against Blacks, you can kick them off your lunch counter. Republicans are once again fighting for religious freedom to override amenable co-existence.

Not only as it pertains to anti-LGBTQIA discrimination but in its support for accused serial child predator and sexual assaulter, Roy Moore. But it’s not gays being thrown under the bus, this time it’s little girls.

Roy Moore hides behind his piety and he exploits the religiosity of others to suppress women, PoC, and the LGBTQIA legislatively, and in the case of the former, personally. Moore thinks women are unfit for office and that teenage girls are appropriate partners for men in their mid-thirties. It’s just the God in him.

And what’s gross is that as long as Moore aligns himself with Christian Evangelicalism, the intentions behind his actions and, frankly, whatever he says, are irrefutable to, or ignorable by, the Religious Right. Even if you grope a 14-year-old girl.

As ‘People’s Couch’ co-star, Scott Nevins rightly asks: if you are the cakes that you make, aren’t you the pedophile that you support?



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