cops somehow handcuff 11-year-old black girl at gunpoint while looking for a 40-year-old white woman

December 13, 2017
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Black kids can’t ever just be kids.

The latest example of this happened in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where a police officer handcuffed 11-year-old Honestie Hodges and held her at gunpoint after she walked out of her on December 6th. Officers claim they were searching for a stabbing suspect. Didn’t you know? All 11-year-old Black girls stab people.

Hodges told WOOD-TV she left through the back door of her home to go to the store when she ran into the officers. Her mother, Whitney Hodges, witnessed the attack, and said police ordered Honestie to raise her hands and walk backward before handcuffing her, patting her down and putting her in the back of a police car.

“The whole time they are telling her to come down, I’m telling them, ‘She’s 11 years old. That’s my daughter. Don’t cuff her,’” the elder Hodges explained.

“It made me feel scared and it made me feel like I did something wrong,” Honestie said.

Grand Rapids police say they have launched an internal investigation into the incident, explaining that officers were searching for the child’s aunt, Carrie Manning, who is white and 40 years old. Manning was supposedly involved in a stabbing a few blocks away. In a statement posted on Facebook, the department gave the excuse:

“Once onscene, officers determined that the suspect fled the residence still armed with the knife, Their investigation led to a second Westside Grand Rapids home where it was believed the suspect may have fled to. As officers were setting up a perimeter, three females simultaneously exited the home, two adults and one 11 year old juvenile. Until it could be determined that the individuals were not the suspect, nor armed with a weapon, the three were ordered back to officers and detained. The homeowner gave consent to search the home, and it was deemed that none of the three individuals that exited the home were the suspect officers were searching for nor was the suspect in the home. The females were subsequently released.”




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