ari lennox and more to bring afrofuturism to life in free brooklyn pop-up presented by essence and the all-new camry

December 6, 2017

Combine free, Black and Brooklyn, and you’ve almost always got yourself a hot and exciting New York event. Add to that the music of Suzi Analogue, Lion Babe, Young Paris and Ari Lennox, and you’ve got something even more fantastic, the December 9th pop-up experience “Sensory Wonderland”.

Presented by ESSENCE and the 2018 Toyota Camry, “Sensory Wonderland” curates a multi-sensory, experiential playground. From 12noon-9pm at Villain, the mind-blowing event will celebrate the culmination of Black culture, technology, liberation and pure imagination, through the imagery and musical appearances by artists who are re-imagining and pushing the possibilities of their respective genres.

Free and open to the public with RSVP, the pop-up will creatively bring to life the Afrofuturism theme and embody the sensations of the newly redesigned 2018 Toyota Camry in six separate spaces:

  • HUNGER: An illuminated mobile art-piece at the center of the room to draw all the guests to desirable items just out of reach to reveal their aspirations.
  • BOOM: An interactive room centered with LED-lit drums anchored to the floor, inviting visitors to find a free drum and contribute to the booming rhythm that will lure in the next group of eager guests.
  • LUST: A room entirely drenched with velvet drapery suspended at multiple anchor points and at different angles, enclosing guests in lush surroundings that can only be escaped using one’s heightened sense of touch.
  • THROB: Soothing yet rhythmic beats that emanate from a performance artist who brings onlookers into a sound bath surrounded by a series of quartz crystal bowls that are mesmerizingly lit from within.
  • PULSE: To simulate the experience within an engine, a room lined with chrome pipe graphics and engine sounds will allow guests to lean in for a closer listen.
  • DROOL: Guests will get behind the wheel and experience an exhilarating multi-sensory 360° audio/visual journey while seated in the all-new Toyota Camry. During their experience, Lightwave technology will analyze real-time emotion data to create unique, personalized biometric data portraits that show the raw emotion and unfiltered excitement of their journey.

Hosted by Essence Senior Editor Christina Coleman, “Sensory Wonderland” will be open to consumers during three separate time blocks, with a DJ set and special performance to close out each block:


DJ set by Suzi Analogue


DJ set by Lion Babe

Performance by Young Paris


DJ set by Lion Babe

Performance by Ari Lennox

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