video premiere: witness a surreal world “made of love” instead of hate in new clip by ‘space opera’ duo oy

November 1, 2017
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Ghanaian-Swiss singer Joy Frempong and producer & musician Lleluja-Ha are back from outer space, and they’ve brought a new sound with them that might make the future a little more colorful—if we listen. Making up the duo OY, the video to their latest single is as catchy and eye-popping as the message is powerful. In the experimental clip directed by Moritz Reichartz, Frempong chants off different nationalities as head-like shapes of various colors gyrate against each other while floating on a clear sea, leading to a climax where the heads congregate in front of a giant wall, making so much love that the partition is destroyed.

“‘Make love, not walls!’ is the plain message behind our new video,” the band explained in a statement to AFROPUNK. “With this last part of our 3D clip trilogy, we aimed to put an explanation mark on the transborder topic of our recent album Space Diaspora.”

From their latest album Space Diaspora, OY shows us in what they describe as a “space opera” just how vibrant the universe could be if we move past our worldly limits that cause us to separate and abuse one another.

Check out the surreal video below!