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video premiere: hip-hop punks ronnie vega make the political personal in “therapy”

November 3, 2017
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Opening with a heavy twang of bass, Ronnie Vega’s unexpected fusion of hip-hop and rock and visceral poetry, ‘Therapy’ is a gritty dose of reality and also, possibility. Born in West Philly, vocalist Ronnie Vega grew up on Wu-Tang and Cypress Hill and Black Flag, those early punk influences reverberate throughout the track. Shot in a semi-abandoned rural cemetery, the visuals for ’Therapy’ are the perfect echo to the heaviness of Vega’s politically charged lyricism and the symbolic isolation of being a black man in this society.

“Ronnie Vega combines the hostility and the griminess of Philly with the creativity of the punk and hip-hop underground scenes there,” the band tells AFROPUNK. “In this song, we blend elements of all of our roots to produce something that evades the typical genre categories. The lyrics touch on the life experience and emotion that form the basis of our writing.”