tina turner inspired countless black women in rock and beyond

November 27, 2017
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Yesterday, the one and only Tina Turner celebrated her 78th birthday and now as much as ever are Turner’s lasting contributions to rock-n-roll, her gifts as an artist, and her strength as a black woman continue to be worthy of the highest praise.

Once described by the Rolling Stone as “the world’s greatest heartbreaker”, Tina Turner’s musical legacy remains to be unlike any other we’ve seen before or since. From the onset, Turner’s pioneering musicianship and unrelenting vocals bridged the mainstream (read: imaginary) gap between Rhythm and Blues and Rock-n-Roll. One of the greatest vocalists of all time, Turner’s presence on the stage challenged the conventional, “pretty” performances of Black female performers of the 1960s. With her legendary physicality and hypnotic showmanship, she brought to life the electricity and soul of rock music in ways that have paved the way for every single one of your favs.

A survivor of Biblical proportions, Turner survived and fought her way to freedom against an industry and an abuser that would have swallowed the strongest amongst us mortals whole.

Happy Birthday Queen, Tina Turner!