Counterfeit Madison

Opposable Thumbs

alternative pop | Punk



take a ride of poignancy, humor and rage with cabaret-punk singer counterfeit madison’s ‘opposable thumbs’

November 17, 2017
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“I Hope It’s Alright” on Counterfeit Madison’s Opposable Thumbs is officially my new theme song. It’s a smiling middle finger to the wind on an album full of unexpected turns, heartbreaking poignancy, humor, and rage. The Nigerian-American singer’s unique voice is larger than life, belting out anthems of struggle and strength over a cabaret punk sound that treads a line between Nina Simone and The Dresden Dolls.

Opposable Thumbs by Counterfeit Madison

Though Counterfeit Madison shines when she lets her rage loose, Opposable Thumbs biggest highlights come when she lets the tension simmer beneath her ballads. “Concept of Life #1 in B Major” and “Slow As Molasses” allow Counterfeit Madison to showcase a talent not just for biting lines (which she has in abundance) but for indelible melodies and haunting atmosphere. With a voice that stops you dead in your tracks to feel all the feels, you only have yourself to blame if you don’t stop and listen.