Aaron Tayor

"Saw You In My Dreams"




Sweet nostalgia is at the forefront of Aaron Taylor’s vintage-funk soul single “Saw You In My Dreams”

November 7, 2017

A classic in the making, London-based singer Aaron Taylor is an up-and-coming neo-soul artist who is giving life to vintage soul and R&B in a delightfully eclectic way. ‘Saw You In My Dreams’ is a, well, dreamy and introspective letter to one’s former self. A retrospective look back at the boy from back then, from the perspective of the man. From the gate, there is warmth and harmony that embraces you like a warm blanket before taking flight into a funk-infused soul groove.

“Saw You in My Dreams is me reminiscing on a former version of myself: how I used to live, love and hope. It’s a message to the boy I once was, that simply states I haven’t forgotten you,” the artist tells AFROPUNK.