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short film explores the relationship between africans and african-americans through film, song and literature

November 14, 2017
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Colonialism has had many horrific effects on the world, but none so depressing as how it has removed Diasporic Africans from their roots in the motherland. This removal has led to many tensions between the two communities that often takes the shape of oppression olympics, where one tries to prove that their position is worse than the others.

A new project, Of One Blood, is a bold step toward tackling this chasm between Africans in America and Africans in American. Through film, song and literature, the project explores questions like, “Why are there slang connotations (like ‘akata’ or ‘African booty scratcher’) used to refer to each group? Why are we separated even though we are ‘Of One Blood’? Don’t we already suffer enough just for looking the way we do?”

Created by Jason Nkwain, the fully realized project will consist of three parts, a short film, a novel and an album. “It’s purpose is to spread love amongst us and to dissolve the idea that any one of these groups is ‘better’ than the other,” Nkwain writes on the project’s Kickstarter, where you can support Of One Blood and watch a trailer for the film now!