san diego state university passes resolution to retire appropriative aztec warrior mascot

November 13, 2017

Better late than never? On Tuesday, the San Diego State University (SDSU) Senate passed a resolution retire their offensive Aztec Warrior mascot.

According to NBC San Diego, protestors from the school’s Native American Student Alliance were outside of the meeting before it started, and the two-part resolution was passed 52-15, with two abstentions. According to a university statement, the vote would end all human representations of the Aztec warrior and establish a task force to explore issues relating to the mascot further.

“There can be no question that all viewpoints regarding SDSU’s Aztec identity have a right to be respectfully heard and carefully considered,” the statement read. “This resolution provides an opportunity for dialogue to continue among all stakeholders in the SDSU community – including faculty, students, staff, and alumni.”

SDSU President Sally Roush can either approve or reject the resolution completely or in parts. Here’s to hoping Roush does the right thing.


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